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Wisephone vs. iPhone

Wisephone vs. iPhone

An iPhone for kids?

How does Apple's juggernaut compare to Wisephone? Is iPhone the safe choice for families? Let's take a look.





Wisephone vs. Gabb WirelessWisephone vs. Gabb Wireless

Kid's Smartphone Only?

Both prioritize safety, so how do they compare feature-to-feature? Is the Wisephone a Gabb Wireless alternative? Plus, which one benefits the entire family? Let's take a look.




Wisephone vs. Lightphone IIWisephone vs. Light Phone II

The Ideal Minimalist Smartphone?

Both Wisephone and Light Phone II focus on simplicity, but which one is more functional? Let's take a look.



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Why risk toxic exposure, use a filter that can be bypassed, or depend on a system that requires you to be smarter than your kid for it to be effective? Check out the key differences between Wisephone and other solutions parents have tried.

At the end of the day, big tech depends on kids using their devices heavily. It is not in their best interest to simply provide families what they need to maintain a healthy digital life.

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Wisephone Gabb Wireless Flip Phones Light Phone
Porn Free
Complete Parental Insight
Minimalist Design
Call Visibility
Message Visibility
Location Tracking
Transparent Histories
Contact Management
Regular Updates
No Ads
No Solo Games
No Social Media
No "Big Tech" Spying
Unbeatable by Kids
No Monitoring Required
US Data Centers
Values-Based Design (vs. Profit)
Conservative Company