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Techless changed my life. Everyday life includes having to stare at a screen these days. It changed me because I can finally do more in life.

– Angelo

I am thrilled with this level of attention to customers. It is unheard of in this current culture for a company that supplies technological needs to be responsive and willing to assist customers on this level of development.

– Gabriel H.

I’ve been smart phone free for over 5 years and this is the best phone I’ve had so far.

– Enrico

I decided to use Techless to limit my use of technology and have a healthier way of using the base phone functions of calling and texting. Thank you so much, this phone has worked splendidly!

– Dean

“Wisephone was my lifeline away from tech prison.”

– Jeremy H

I have loved my Wisephone. I am grateful to not have to carry around my email or social media, and the various features are more than sufficient for my needs!

– Joe G.

It's a feeling of freedom that you just can't understand with a smartphone.

– Mason

The Wisephone has really transformed my life. I am more focused on work, life and I have less stress.

– Dave

Great and simple phone.

– Jess

“You will not regret the switch.”

- Emanuel

I recommend Techless and the Wisephone to anyone.

- Katya

I could not be happier that I am able to be connected with people through genuine connection without apps. I tell so many people about this phone.

– Monica

Techless, is such an amazing company. I absolutely love my Wisephone, and my family and I are living a better life!

– Matt

Grateful for this support team! Quick & professional response, and kindly answered all my questions!

– Maria S

As a consumer, it's hard to imagine that your phone manufacturing company would actually listen to your recommendations and needs, but also be willing to follow-up with you as a customer!

- Sam

Really happy with the first “slave” free phone. And it is not even for my children but for myself to show that I am a good parent and my phone doesn’t control me.

– Arno

After one week with our Wisephones, we would say that the phones have absolutely accomplished their purpose. We have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and more present with our children.

– Taylor

Switching to the Wisephone was seamless. I popped my SIM card out of the old phone and put it into the Wisephone and VOILA. Done. Transferring contacts was just as easy. The interface is SO. EASY. TO. LEARN.

– Nadine B

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