Wisephone vs. Gabb Wireless

Both Gabb’s Z2 and our Wisephone are built to be simple and safe. As kid-safe phones, they both have a huge leg-up on the iPhone and flip phone

But, how do the Wisephone and Z2 compare?

Is Wisephone a Gabb Wireless alternative?

We’ll cover who these phones are for, compare their features, and talk safety.

Gabb Wisephone
One model, plastic starter phone. Two models, solid build quality.
$99 starting price $399 starting price
Safe for kids. Safe for kids.
A kids-only phone. A whole family phone.
Two cameras. Two cameras.
Colorful homescreen & round icons; kid-friendly look. Calm, simple display with beautiful fonts and feel for all ages.
Gabb's carrier service only. Bring your own carrier and save money.
Verizon only (through Gabb) T-Mobile, AT&T, Patriot Mobile, US Mobile (GSM), and more.
No access to web browsers. No social media. No access to web browsers. No social media.
Set of Gabb apps included. Curated list of safe tools included.
Gabb's apps are fixed. Wisephone's tools are growing.
No parental dashboard to monitor or set permissions. Includes "Family Portal"(beta), an online, password-protected dashboard for families to monitor and set permissions.
"Locate my phone" GPS. Maps, location tracking, and active GPS.

Wisephone and Gabb Wireless Similarities

Both phones…

  • Are free of social media.
  • Do not have access to an open app store.
  • Do not have access to web browsers.
  • Focus on safety.

Rather than handing your child or tween an iPhone, the Z2 and Wisephone are much safer choices as they grow up as digital citizens.

Wisephone and Gabb Z2 Differences

Home Screen

Gabb’s Z2 has colorful, circular Android icons; while Wisephone has a calming, minimalist interface that doesn’t distract.

Parental Controls

Parents can adjust the Wisephone’s home screen and its available “tools” (apps) via an online dashboard called the Family Portal. On the other hand, Gabb’s Z2 "lacks server-side parental controls” according to PC Mag. This means parents cannot customize controls or apps on the phone.

You can monitor all of this from their website. You have total control. — Akeeba M., educator & mother


The Z2 cannot monitor calls or texts. The Wisephone can through its Family Portal.

GPS & Tracking

Gabb Wireless has a find-my-phone feature, but lacks GPS navigation and realtime tracking. With the Wisephone, however, parents can track location in realtime on the Family Portal (beta). As well, Wisephone includes a Maps feature for navigation.

Just for Kids?

Each family member can use Wisephone and benefit from it. The Z2 is only a kid’s phone. Wisephone features a Family Portal where you can assign permissions and add on additional tools as your child grows up.

Gabb’s phone has a playful, colorful design. This is intentional for their target market of children.

Wisephone, however, has a universal and simple design anyone can appreciate. Its calming colors and fonts were handpicked to help you focus on what matters most.

I've cut my screen time in HALF (a big deal for me.) I've already written more, cooked more, played with the kids more intentionally. JESUS-ed MORE. 😍 I even wrote some snailmail! — Nadine Brandes, author & mother

Mobile Plans

Gabb Wireless forces users into either their basic plan at $19.99/month or their Pro plan at $24.99/month. The difference is the Pro plan allows group messaging and images to be sent.

Wisephone instead allows you to use a SIM card from the carrier of your choice, making it more flexible and affordable. As well, group texting and sending images are standard on all Wisephones — no extra plans needed.


The Z2 comes with an 8-megapixel camera. The base Wisephone comes with a 13-megapixel camera. Both have cameras for selfies.

Build Quality

Gabb’s Z2 is ultra-affordable and priced as a kid’s first “basic” phone. But if you’re looking for better build quality or a higher-resolution camera, then the Wisephone’s got you covered.

For the growing tween or teen?

Gabb meets immediate childhood needs and offers tweens a small collection of apps. It’s definitely an affordable first phone.

The Wisephone, as well, meets childhood needs for connection. But it offers more longterm empowerment for growing tweens. Since Techless is adding new tools and features — and parents can adjust permissions — the Wisephone can grow with your child.

In short, both are solid smartphones for kids. But Wisephone is made for broader appeal and use.

For more on Wisephone’s features…

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