Wisephone vs. iPhone

Features Comparison Guide

iPhone Wisephone

$399 starting price

$399 starting price
Full app store with full access. Curated list of safe tools that put your attention and safety first.
Complex privacy and safety settings. Safe out of the box. Simple portal.
Requires third-party applications to monitor family phones. Comes with Family Portal (beta), an online dashboard for families.
Several high-def cameras at 4k. Couple high-def cameras at 1080p.
Apps require permissions. Some track and share your personal data. Wisephone does not share or sell your data. Plus, you control your data on Family Portal (beta).
Strong customer service; long wait time. Strong customer service; short wait time.
High build quality with glass overlay. High build quality with metals.
Encourages elongated screen time and screen addiction. Busy, colorful screen with endless notifications. Designed to be distraction-free and addiction-free with calming colors and fonts. Minimal notifications.
Many App Store apps require monthly subscriptions. Monthly charges for increased storage space. No subscription, full feature set
Designed for unlimited digital consumption and distraction. Designed for intentional living.

The Wisephone Difference

Look, we're not here to compete with the iPhone. Apple's juggernaut is an amazing piece of tech beloved by millions.

Rather, Wisephone is for intentional people. Those who want to break away from…

  • screen addiction
  • “doomscrolling”
  • endless digital distractions
  • the horrid notification DING! which breaks your focus
  • ads which know all of your quirky shopping habits

So, whether you’re a parent exhausted by a smartphone’s dangers or a professional looking for some rest, Wisephone is the alternative you’ve been looking for.

Pure & simple®.

For Families

Is iPhone really for kids?

As a parent, safety and empowerment are at the top of your list. You want to shield your kids from the dangers of predators and privacy infringement.

So, maybe you’ve tried third-party filters or softwares to monitor your kids’ phones, only for the loopholes to leave you frustrated. Maybe you’ve tried locking down an iPhone with its built-in settings, only to realize your 11-year-old can hack it in 30 seconds.

In the end, we believe iPhones are not designed for children. 

Wisephone puts family safety first

Our founder, Chris Kaspar, realized this when he first started fostering. The tween girls who’d entered their home couldn’t “touch anything close to a smartphone” according to their caseworker. Chris and his wife settled on an Alexa speaker instead.

The girls loved it! And Chris didn’t have to worry about their safety while using it. What was the difference? Because it lacked a screen and open-access to a web browser, the Alexa speaker had guardrails built in at the device level. 

After one week with our Wisephones...We have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and more present with our children. — Taylor Q., husband and father of three

This epiphany sparked his idea for Wisephone. Instead of asking “How many apps can we shove into this thing?”, Chris wanted to know, “How can we put people first?”

iPhone is best for older teens or young adults who have already developed a strong sense of self and accountability. But for children and tweens, Wisephone is safe enough to be handed to them out of the box. 

No fuss. No worry. Wisephone is the world’s healthiest phone, pure & simple®.

For Professionals & Leaders

“Can I live without it?”

That’s the first question you have to ask yourself. 
If your job requires a 24/7 connection to social media, Slack, and email — and we sure hope it doesn’t — then the iPhone's array of apps and notifications are what you need.
But, if you’re…
  • Looking for rest from the workday

  • Wanting to regain focus

  • Clear on work / homelife boundaries

  • Needing to unplug from the noise

  • Looking for an alternative to what big tech offers

then Wisephone may be life-changing for you.

Here’s what Daniel, a business exec and father, shared about his experience before and after Wisephone….

I found myself in spare moments of the day looking at email or whatever. I left that at work you know, it’s five-o-clock now, I don’t need to have a computer with me all the time. For me that thread of being more free and not addicted to this thing is totally the reason I moved to Wisephone. It feels great. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s super restful. I’m more present.  — Daniel T., business executive and dad

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Why risk toxic exposure, use a filter that can be bypassed, or depend on a system that requires you to be smarter than your kid for it to be effective? Check out the key differences between Wisephone and other solutions parents have tried.

At the end of the day, big tech depends on kids using their devices heavily. It is not in their best interest to simply provide families what they need to maintain a healthy digital life.

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Complete Parental Insight
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