We believe technology is a gift . . .
an incredibly powerful one.

We believe technology is a gift—an incredibly powerful one.

Dear friends,

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world, he famously labeled it "a bicycle for your mind." Sounds pleasant. We are starting to understand the dark side of this tiny device: it’s more like a rocket ship for our brain, propelling us into anxiety and distraction faster than the leisurely bicycle ride Steve portrayed.

Big Tech was built on the attention economy, a system where companies profit at the expense of our well-being. The convenience of "free" came at a significant hidden cost—one that is much higher than we thought it would be. I’m on a mission to redefine the world’s expectations for consumer technology. Let’s stop playing the game and push back against the exploitative practices of the attention economy. I want to create practical and beautiful solutions that have healthy design principles driving them. I want to not settle for “ethical” or “humane.” I want to do what I can to redeem this industry.

Redemption takes risks. Redemption takes courage. Redemption adheres to a timeless moral code bigger than our knowledge, experience, and present trends. Most importantly, redemption takes sacrifice and says “When I lose, you win.” Companies and investors don’t typically think like this… but maybe they should.

I’m honored by the men and women walking this road beside me - whether it’s working late hours, making a risky investment in an early-stage startup, taking a pay cut from Silicon Valley norms, or dealing with the roller coaster of ups and downs every startup faces.

Join me for a moment to think differently about where we could be:

  • Imagine a world where kids grow up without constant exposure to pornography. Imagine a world where the next generation isn’t anxious.

  • Imagine a world where our phones, the devices that know us intimately, proactively work toward building relationships instead of distracting from them.

  • Imagine a world that isn’t selfishly “i” centric, but calls people to be “us” centered.
    Imagine a world where wisdom is more important than information and connection is more important than convenience.

  • Imagine a world where our tech supports, instead of distracts from, our greatest purpose in life: our relationship with God & others.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Together, we are creating a healthier relationship with technology.

With gratitude,

Techless Founder

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Less is More - The Techless Vision

The Techless Manifesto

We believe technology is a gift—an incredibly powerful one.

Technology has the potential to bring us together, keep us connected, and free up space, so we can deepen relationships and invest in people.

But, for many of us, this power has been hijacked.

Flashing screens feed dopamine highs. Instant gratification destroys discipline. A thousand shades of explicit content enslave our brains (and, often, the helpless victims involved). And the very device meant to delight and support us has taken us captive. It screams for more, and we oblige.

On top of this, our data is being used, abused, and exposed. Our homes and children are overcome by uninvited influences. Our self-control is taxed by the endless stream of brain chemicals. Our self-esteem has plunged into a black hole of bullying and comparison.

And our relationships are suffering.

We find ourselves over-indulging, keeping secrets, and turning away from the people we love - the people we so desperately need.

How is it that the more we consume, the more we are consumed? And the more connected we are, the more disconnected we find ourselves? Is it addiction? Compulsion? Gluttony? Sin? Brain chemistry? Manipulation by big tech?

Whatever it is, we need a break. We need space to breathe; a release from the onslaught; a chance to look up.

That’s why at Techless, we are harnessing the power of technology—to bring technology back to life.

Because we believe connection matters more than convenience. We believe meaningful change takes more than good intentions. We believe all people deserve the option of porn-free technology. We believe wise decisions require tangible support and sometimes intentional sacrifice.

And we believe it’s worth it.

Do you?

If you’re tired of what technology is doing to you and your family, Wisephone™ by Techless is for you. Let’s take back control, break the power of addiction, and unleash the beauty of real relationships. Let’s move toward a life of deeper purpose and profound peace. Together.

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Interested in joining the mission? 

Techless is working hard to transform the way people interact with the digital world, making mental health-friendly technology accessible wherever devices are sold. If our mission resonates with you, we would love to have you join us.

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