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Listen to Matt Fradd, host of “Pints with Aquinas” podcast talk about his 3 month trip using Wisephone!

  • Prioritize Relationship

    I think of all the ways specifically teenagers today-but even adults-how the period they can go without their phone naturally is very small. Unless they enforce their will and say, "I'm not going to pull out my iPhone right now," naturally, it's right there in their pocket or on their counter.

    And I mean, it's just a part of them. They just naturally pick it up and then that's why we're racking up all these screen time hours a day. All of that screen is time you are not engaging with people.

    I think that's one of the things that this show just thinks is dangerous, because all the time you are spending with that technology it's infringing on your ability to connect with other people. It is vital for us to prioritize relationship in a world of so many digital distractions.

    -Seth H., Host of the Restoring Rapport Podcast

  • An Amazing New Life Chapter

    Switching to the Wisephone was seamless. I popped my SIM card out of the old phone and put it into the Wisephone and VOILA. Done. Transferring contacts was just as easy. The interface is SO. EASY. TO. LEARN.

    I've cut my screen time in HALF (a big deal for me.) I've already written more, cooked more, played with the kids more intentionally. JESUS-ed MORE. 😍 I even wrote some snailmail! Basically I've been able to be just as present on my social media but without the "addiction" part. That was my goal.

    I really think I've found the fix. I acknowledged my weaknesses & the problem: Everything (social media, work, writing, phone calls, etc. was in one place and TOO ACCESSIBLE. I needed boundaries.

    So I set them. (After a year of kicking and screaming)

    I want to be a good steward of my time. Sometimes doing so is hard. This is one of those times. But I'm so proud of myself, & I'm proud of all of you who've shared that you're taking a similar step.

    I truly think we're in for an amazing new life chapter.

    -Nadine Brandes, Author of Romanov

  • Parents, Be Encouraged

    Just a few years ago there weren’t a lot of alternatives and with the news about social media’s effect on people and the way our family tries to be more intentional (hybrid homeschooling) and less disconnected we weren’t sure we would find a good fit.

    That was until I was researching and stumbled on the Wisephone. Which really has all the functions of a cell phone that we wanted [our daughter] to have without all the other junk and nonsense.

    Parents, be encouraged, you don’t have to throw your kids into the deep end of cell phones and everything standard phones come with.

    -Jennifer B., Mommy B Knows Best

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  • Life-Changing Vision

    Less tech and more eye contact is one of the most needed things in this entire world. Cheering you on as you pursue this life-changing vision through your innovative company / product!

    -Shannon T., Feather Blue Studios

  • Stylish, Smart, & Safe

    The Wisephone is a stylish, smart, and SAFE alternative to cell phones for children and teens. It allows essential functions like calling and texting, with a sleek, stylish design.

    -Alex E., Host of the Barely Braided Podcast

  • No Distractions or Prying Eyes

    Just the basic things kids need in order to communicate in order to use the phone as a tool and not have it consume them, not have them be distracted by apps, not have prying eyes looking into their data, not having people send them all kinds of pornography or adult material.

    -Akeeba Maze, Education Influencer

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  • Very Impressed

    I have been very impressed by Techless and I really like my Wisephone! They are working tirelessly to create a healthier phone for both kids and adults. Techless is super receptive to feedback and I am sure that the Wisephone will just keep getting better than it already is.

    -Georgia W.-K., Montana

  • Never been more free!

    As a Christian man with an addiction to lust and pornography that I have struggled with since late childhood, I am eternally grateful for the creation of the Wisephone. Since receiving my Wisephone, my life has never been more free of distractions that have hindered me from my relationship with God, my wife, and my children. I appreciate your company for genuinely caring for humanity and the desperate need for society to disconnect from technology and restore personal "real-life" relationships. I will continue to recommend Wisephone to my family, friends, and ministry coworkers.

    I hope and pray that all of you at Techless understand the importance of the need for Jesus Christ. I pray God guides you all and makes miracles happen in your life, just like God has shown me to buy the Wisephone and work a miracle in my life. All of you are loved by me and, more importantly, loved by God!

    – William, Michigan

  • Love This Device

    Hello... I just wanted to say that our recent Wisephone purchase has completely transformed our daughter's daily routine FOR THE BETTER. She no longer locks herself in her room and consumes Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. all day long. She was actually playing board games and doing puzzles with her siblings over the past few weeks, which is just amazing.

    We have four children, and I would like to get the rest of them Wisephones also.

    Thanks again for such a great product!

    – Cecil from Jamestown

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  • If You Have Kids, You Need This Phone

    Your child wants a phone and you're thinking, "Oh no, I knew this time was coming but I'm not ready." When you hand a child a cell phone, you hand them immediate access to the world, good or bad.

    There is all the responsibility that goes into a child having constant access to the internet, gaming and all the addictive behaviors that go with having a cell phone. So many parents have no idea where to begin with the control of a phone but they want their child to be able to call them and for them to reach their child.

    Enter the Wisephone... that's right WISE not SMART. This phone gives parents options, lots of them. It give parents and kids safety and privacy, all wrapped up in a very real, cool cell phone that looks and acts like any other smart phone but without the addictive qualities...

    If you have kids, you need this phone.

    -Celia K., Host of the Pumped Up Parenting Podcast

  • More Productive

    After one week with our Wisephones, we would say that the phones have absolutely accomplished their purpose. We have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and more present with our children.

    -Taylor Q., Indiana

  • Former Phone Salesman

    I worked for three major phone brands as a salesman for years. I’m out of that game now, but i understand how much people give of their money. But they don’t realize how much time now they’ve invested because of their decision to purchase an addictive device. Phones should do one main thing. Keep us connected. Save us time. My opinion anyways. I feel your brand will do a lotta people good.

    -Josh S., Texas

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  • First "Slave" Free Phone

    Really happy with the first “slave” free phone. And it is not even for my children but for myself to show that I am a good parent and my phone doesn’t control me, but I have control over my phone.

    -Arno B., Tester in The Netherlands

  • Thank You

    Thank you for providing this Wisephone for the benefit of so many. This phone has helped us so much.

    – Janet P.

  • No More "Scroll Hole"

    I still love this phone so much. I am so much more focused and peaceful! I don't spend half my day saying, "oh, I don't know, let me look that up" and then getting lost down the scroll hole in the internet. :)

    – Stephanie P.

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Candid Wisephone Review from "Rooted in Rest"

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