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Pure & Simple

A phone designed to cut out unnecessary distractions like social media, addictions, and advertisements — with calling, texting, and a few essential tools.

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Works With Most Major Carriers

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How Wisephone is Transforming Lives

  • Switching to the Wisephone was seamless. I popped my SIM card out of the old phone and put it into the Wisephone and VOILA. Done. Transferring contacts was just as easy. The interface is SO. EASY. TO. LEARN.

    -Nadine Brandes, Author of Romanov

  • After one week with our Wisephones, we would say that the phones have absolutely accomplished their purpose. We have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and more present with our children.

    -Taylor Q., Indiana

  • Really happy with the first “slave” free phone. And it is not even for my children but for myself to show that I am a good parent and my phone doesn’t control me, but I have control over my phone.

    -Arno B., Tester in The Netherlands

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Connect with family and friends through calling and texting. Leave your social media doom-scrolling at home.

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Protect those you love through the Techless Family Portal (beta). Monitor calls, texts, location history, and more from your centralized online hub.

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Get outside and explore with our clean interface with no 3rd party tracking.

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Switching is Simple

1. Grab your Wisephone

2. Insert your carrier's SIM card

3. Import your contacts

4. Enjoy your freedom

Wisephone gives you the ability to focus on what matters most in your world.

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