Wisephone vs. Lightphone II

Both the Light Phone II and the Wisephone are built for minimalism. Though they share some design similarities, the products differ greatly.

Here’s a feature-by-feature comparison with additional details following.

Light Phone II Wisephone
$299 starting price $399 starting price
e-ink touchscreen with slow refresh full responsive touchscreen
monochrome design minimalist design with book-inspired colors
featured tool set featured tool set
one model multiple models
online "Dashboard" for controlling settings "Family Portal"(beta) dashboard for settings, location, and more
no phone or message history for parents full parental control and history monitoring
no camera two cameras (front and back)
Bluetooth and WiFi Bluetooth and WiFi
Directions with GPS Maps tool with active GPS
unlocked & compatible with carriers unlocked & compatible with carriers

Don’t believe us? Check out this unsponsored, unbiased 3rd party review unpacking the differences between Wisephone & Lightphone.

Wisephone & Light Phone Similarities

Minimalist Phone Design

We’re excited to see other companies, like Light, taking an interest in digital minimalism. Most phone companies make incremental changes towards minimalism.

But Wisephone and Light Phone II have taken a different approach by starting with minimalism.

Both phones have…

  • Text rather than icons
  • Monochrome or warm colors rather than hyper-vibrant colors common on iPhone and Android
  • Dedicated tools rather than an entire app store
  • No social media or web browsers
  • A focus on simplicity and minimalism

Now, if you’re looking for an alternative to a busy smartphone, both of these are solid choices.

However, once we look above the minimalist foundation, there are some key differences between Light Phone II and Wisephone.

Wisephone & Light Phone Differences

The Light Phone II is “designed to be used as little as possible.” We agree: smartphones shouldn’t rule our lives. Yet, we believe a minimalist phone should as easy to text with as it is beautiful to look at. Simplicity and functionality should dance together.

This is where we feel the Light Phone II and Wisephone begin to diverge.

"Simplicity and functionality should dance together."

The Screens

Light Phone II features a matte e-ink screen. Though good for outdoor visibility, its e-ink technology feels “slightly sluggish” according to PC Mag.

As well, Light Phone’s e-ink screen leaves “ghosting” behind when you change screens. If you’ve ever read a Kindle or similar e-reader, you know ghosting can be bothersome when trying to read small letters. And since Light Phone has a 2.8 inch screen, its ghosting and slow refreshes can make texting challenging.

Wisephone comes with a full, responsive touchscreen. One you can tap and text on with ease. It features a familiar smartphone keyboard with the elegance of Wisephone’s typography and color scheme.

Online Dashboards

Both the Light Phone II and Wisephone have custom online dashboards to adjust settings and tools on their phones. The Wisephone, though, offers a more robust, secure dashboard called Family Portal (beta).

The Family Portal (beta) offers some additional benefits…

  • Location tracking with active GPS.
  • Full message and call history: great for families building accountability.
  • Tool customization: if you want to have text messaging turned off for one of your children, you can.
  • Parental controls: choose a PIN to protect phone settings and customize any of the Wisephones on your account.

Final thoughts on these minimalist phones

If you’re looking to get away from the craziness of social media and the wider digital world, you can’t go wrong with either minimalist phone.

We believe Wisephone, though, offers a broader appeal. It’s a phone kids can carry proudly without parents worrying. It’s affordable enough for a first phone, yet durable enough to last years. And it’s a phone for professionals and adults who want to be intentional about their digital lives.

Full Comparison Chart

Why risk toxic exposure, use a filter that can be bypassed, or depend on a system that requires you to be smarter than your kid for it to be effective? Check out the key differences between Wisephone and other solutions parents have tried.

At the end of the day, big tech depends on kids using their devices heavily. It is not in their best interest to simply provide families what they need to maintain a healthy digital life.

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