Miss Congeniality and the Third Runner Up Podcast (S2E6)

Miss Congeniality and the Third Runner Up Podcast (S2E6)

About the episode

Topics Covered

👨‍🚀 Getting ourselves in trouble with social media. Tech “gone wrong.”
✅ “Say Something” and do something.
🚸 Not taking part in the stuff you see as bad on social media.
📱 The Social Dilemma and how social media is monitoring us.
🔆 The “theology of technology.”

From the Podcast:

Rev. Can and Dr. Nat discuss technology and guidelines for individuals and families. Say Something is a great song used to discuss this relevant and important topic. Don't miss the best part, the interview with Chris Kaspar, the developer of the Wisephone and Techless company as he gives his theology of technology! Support the show.”

Our Reaction

What an encouraging and deep conversation with Natalie and Candice! We dove into how deeply engrained social media and tech is in our lives. We questioned tech’s role, arguing we should chase those things which are “healthy and holy” for our lives.