Dudes and Dads Podcast: Wisephone (S3E6)

Dudes and Dads Podcast: Wisephone (S3E6)

About the episode

Topics Covered

👨‍🚀 Being dads
✅ Wisephone’s essential features
🚸 Navigating phones with kids and teens
📱 “Dumb” phones phones vs. flip phones vs. smartphones vs. Wisephone.
🔆 Why we have to be intentional with our tech.

From the Dudes and Dads Podcast:

In this episode, we talk with Chris from Techless. Techless is a company that created a simple smartphone. There are only a few things you can do with the Wisephone. They built it for parents to give to their kids as well as adults who want to simplify their lives!”

Our Reaction

Great questions and thoughtful take on being dads in this tech world! Thank you for hosting us and being generous with your time! We enjoyed sharing our vision for Techless and Wisephone, and it was great talking with other dads who are looking at tech in a fresh way.