The Erik Allen Show: blizzards, businesses, and Wisephone

The Erik Allen Show: blizzards, businesses, and Wisephone

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Topics Covered

💻 Technology
❤️ Family & fostering
🧙🏻‍♂️ Growing a beard
💪 Entrepreneurship
🔆 Wisephone

From The Erik Allen Show:

Ep. 91 featured Chris Kaspar who is the Founder of Techless, Creator, Innovator, World Changer & much more! We talked about growing up around entrepreneurs his entire life, starting with his Great Grandpa who started Kaspar Companies in 1898! Check it out!

Techless is changing lives with the Wisephone! This phone is for intentional people who want to live life to the fullest. No App Store, no social media, and no porn.

We also talked about having his Tesla stolen, huddling around family without tech, having a Series A Round in April, & being a Foster parent.”

Our Reaction

Man, Erik was one cool dude: Fun to talk to. Authentic. And fun. He made the conversation easy, and asked some great questions about tech, fostering, and the future of Techless and Wisephone.