Gospel Tech Podcast - Ep. 60 "The Art of the Dumb Phone"

Gospel Tech Podcast - Ep. 60 "The Art of the Dumb Phone"

About the episode

Topics Covered

❤️ Nathan’s heart seeing tech used as a force for good for teens.
🍟 Why today’s tech is delicious but empty. Our need for something deeper.
🧬 Design that has the “moral vision God has for us.”
😎 How we can influence the world with our daily influence.

Plus, we talked on Wisephone’s unique position to help teens fit in with a sleek phone that’s safe and non-absorbing.

From the Podcast:

Modern life often requires we adopt digital tech, but some tech has been slow to drop the Drool tech and enhance the Tool tech. Today we talk with Chris Kaspar, founder of Techless and the Wisephone—a phone for those who want a phone, pure and simple®.

Chris talks to us about his experiences in the tech industry, what inspired his creation of Wisephone, and how we as loving parents can use tech such as this to encourage and support healthy tech in our lives as well as the lives of our kids.”

Our Reaction

Nathan really got us into a deep conversation on how God’s vision for our world should inform what we create. It was refreshing to hear how we can all make a difference in the world, whether a developer, teacher, or stay-at-home parent. No matter what we create, we can make a difference for people.