Resilient Disciples Podcast - "Screens Disciple, and What You Can Do About it"

About the episode

Topics Covered

🖥️ How do “screens disciple” our kids and families?
📱The inspiration behind Wisephone: foster kids, Amazon Alexa, and more.
🧗🏾‍♀️ How our kids are inheriting a challenging time in history with tech and how parents can help guide them through it.

From the Podcast:

Mark Matlock, coauthor of Faith for Exiles, shares how the prevalence of technology in our lives has led to the “screen discipleship” of our kids. Later Ross Cochran is joined by Chris Kaspar the Founder of Techless and the maker of the Wisephone. Chris shares how his product is a solution for a lot of concerns parents have, and how his company has been shaped by their Biblical worldview.”

Our Reaction

Ross allowed both of his guests to really talk about families, tech, and how we can help each other grow. We were excited to share the Wisephone story and to hear that families are looking for practical wisdom when it comes to raising kids alongside phones and screens.

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