Pumped Up Parenting: Worried about buying your child a phone?

Pumped Up Parenting: Worried about buying your child a phone?

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Topics Covered

  • The challenges with tech and kids.

  • How to encourage connection and not relying on screens.

  • How Wisephone is designed to help families stay connected.

From Pumped Up Parenting:

Your child wants a phone and you're thinking, "Oh no, I knew this time was coming but I'm not ready." When you hand a child a cell phone, you hand them immediate access to the world, good or bad.

There is all the responsibility that goes into a child having constant access to the internet, gaming and all the addictive behaviors that go with having a cell phone. So many parents have no idea where to begin with the control of a phone but they want their child to be able to call them and for them to reach their child.

Enter the Wisephone... that's right WISE not SMART. This phone gives parents options, lots of them. It give parents and kids safety and privacy, all wrapped up in a very real, cool cell phone that looks and acts like any other smart phone but without the addictive qualities and social media in appropriateness.

Take a listen as I interview Chris Kaspar, founder of Techless and the Wisephone. 

If you have kids, you need this phone.”

Our Reaction

Celia asked a ton of great questions and shared some stories of her own! We appreciated her wisdom on parenting and the opportunity to talk about the intersection of technology and family—something close to our heart at Techless.