Meet your minimalist phone: Wisephone is ad-free, addiction-free, and distraction-free

Meet your minimalist phone: Wisephone is ad-free, addiction-free, and distraction-free

Update: We’re currently taking preorders for Wisephone II! Click here to learn more.

There’s a movement happening. A desire for minimalism.

Burnt-out parents and overworked adults want to turn off from their work world.

Families yearn for quality connection.

People want less, and to live more

Minimalism is trending, and desire for a truly minimalist phone is growing. 

Michael Zelenko, a prolific tech writer, has covered the minimalist phone movement. He says, “our phones do too much” and all of our apps “leave us distracted, overwhelmed, and maybe even depressed.”

He’s right. Our phones decrease our quality of life.

On his quest to find an ideal minimalist phone, the options — so far — had fallen short. He was “looking for salvation.” He reflected, “But when it was all over, I came crawling back to my iPhone.”

At the time, he had reviewed a series of minimalist phones from the Light Phone to the Nokia 3310. Yet, none of them quite worked for everyday living.

Enter Wisephone.

We have developed a phone that honors both the minimalist’s need for simplicity and the everyday warrior’s need for functionality.

Here’s why we believe you’ll find yourself at home with Wisephone….

A phone with a true minimalist user experience

Wisephone has a calming, beautiful design. Crafted by Eddie Lobanovskiy, a top designer and founder of, it’s minimalist through-and-through….

Its coloration and contrast is reminiscent of the printed page, honoring the legacy and beauty of books. Instead of using high-contrasting colors, Wisephone offers a simplified color scheme to promote calm. 

For instance, compare Wisephone to the typical home screen of an iPhone…

If you find your smartphone tractor beams your attention, then you will find respite in Wisephone’s simplicity.

One other unique feature of Wisephone’s design is its icon set: Millions of loud, colorful icons line your screen, red notification badges pummel you for attention—

Ha! None of that. 😉

Wisephone is virtually icon-free. Yet, it remains intuitive, simple, and elegant. It does use some sliders and basic symbols. For instance, if you have an outstanding text message to read, a subtle dot appears near the Messages tool. 

Get to it when you feel like it. No blaring notification badges required.

A minimalist phone — for real

A slew of minimalist wallpapers, icon sets, and launchers are out there. They wrap your phone’s functionality with a veneer of simplicity.

I recently experimented with one on an Android. I was able to make my home screen close to a minimalist’s dream, but it still functioned as a full smartphone. 

It also didn’t help my Twitter addiction. I only had to swipe up, type T-W-I and the app popped up. Honestly, it was as fast as opening a folder in iOS.

The launcher looked nice, but it didn’t curb my social media appetite.

It’s a custom OS designed to be safe and minimalist from its foundation.

And this is the thing about digital minimalism: It takes intentional commitment to a philosophy of living. It’s more than installing one launcher or reading one book — it’s the rhythm of your day and how you interact with the things vying for your time and attention.

Wisephone is not a minimalist wallpaper or basic launcher. It’s a custom minimalist phone designed to be safe and minimalist from its foundation.

Stay connected, not distracted

Wisephone, though simple in design, is powerful for staying connected.

Here are its featured tools so far:

  • Text

  • Call

  • High-def camera

  • Maps

  • Calculator

  • “Family Portal”: An online dashboard for managing one or more Wisephones on your account.

  • Find my Wisephone

  • GPS navigation and location

  • Plus, more on the way! 

We want to see phones become tools again. Something you pick up and choose to use, not the other way around.

We’ve decided to call these “tools” instead of apps. Here’s why:

We believe technology is a gift — an incredibly powerful one.

We want to see phones become tools again. Something you pick up and choose to use, not the other way around. It’s with this mindset we built, and continue to grow, our curated list of tools on Wisephone.

Most smartphones start with a more-is-more mindset. Wisephone started with a less-is-living mindset. It’s a minimalist phone from its foundation because its design is person-centered, not profit-driven.

Flexibility for any minimalist


We offer different Wisephone models from time to time that suit different needs, each one’s price reflective of its hardware specs.

Wisephone starts at $399. And that’s a phone with a high-res backlit LCD unlike some minimalist devices we know of.

We feel our current product offering is perfect for everyone. But if you’re looking for higher specs or a larger screen, keep your eyes out for future phone models. 


Wisephone is unlocked and works on most carriers in the United States, while other minimalist phones only work on a few outside carriers.

We decided on a “bring-your-own-carrier policy” for simplicity and flexibility. To migrate your number and carrier to Wisephone, simply slide in the SIM card from your current phone.

Please check our carrier compatibility page for more detail.

A minimalist phone with less to worry about

You shouldn’t have to worry about your smartphone profiting from your personal data or stealing your attention. Wisephone is meant to be a pure and simple® experience: 

  • Social media-free

  • No app store

  • Ad-free: Your data is not tracked or sold

  • No third party apps or software installed on Wisephone to collect your data.

  • Non-addictive interface and design

  • Your data is yours: Control your data with Family Portal, including call history, messages, location, and more.

  • Safe: No unwanted images, tracking, or sketchy privacy agreements. We have absorbed cost and built custom apps to make sure this minimalist phone is the safest on the market.

This is your take-back-my-life phone

In the end, we want Wisephone to be a stress-free experience. A minimalist phone that complements your intentional lifestyle.