*Wisephone II ships in Winter 2023. Preorders are fully refundable for any reason until Wisephone II ships. WiseOS will require an active $7/month subscription to use. Click here to learn more.

Pure & Simple

Pure & Simple

Powered by WiseOS: the only OS intentionally designed to reclaim lifehours.

100% Fully Refundable Preorder*

*Wisephone II ships in early February 2024. Preorders are fully refundable for any reason until Wisephone II ships. 



better specs

Triple cameras with 64MP primary for high-quality photos & videos

Beautiful design with premium glass and aluminum construction

Improved full 6.5" HD display

USB-C Fast Charging 

128GB of storage expandable to 256GB with MicroSD

Essential tools: phone, messaging, maps, notes, music, photos, and more

No social media apps, browser, or app store

No data scraping or selling of your personal information

Multi-day battery life

same ethos




A Bold Step Toward Healthy Tech

With Wisephone II, we look to make the vision of people-first, healthy tech a reality. WiseOS, and its curated suite of tools, radically embrace a fresh concept—you are not the product. 

Because of this, we're selling the Wisephone II at cost, with a Techless- subscriptions to use all the features of WiseOS. Learn more below about how we're looking to upend the attention economy.

Benefits of WiseOS

Mindful Usage

Without constant ads and notifications, WiseOS can help you to be more deliberate and mindful about the content you consume and the time you spend on your device—leading to healthier digital habits and better overall well-being.

Trusted Tech

WiseOS will never spy on or exploit you. We believe that trust should be central to technology that you use daily. WiseOS creates a more comfortable and stress-free digital environment for you.

Reduced Distractions

Without constant ads, notifications, and recommendations based on your browsing and app habits, you can focus on what truly matters. WiseOS provides a clean and simple interface allowing you to be more present in your life. 

Increased Battery Life

The apps, notifications, location tracking, background processes on your current device all use up battery life. Without these, WiseOS enables the Wisephone II to last longer between charges. Say goodbye to battery anxiety.

Safety & Transparency

WiseOS doesn't share your personal information with other companies. This guarantees your digital activities remain private, ensuring a significantly safer online experience.


Front-facing camera

Do Not Distract

Silence for ultimate focus mode

Upgraded Cameras

64MP main, 2MP macro, 8MP wide-angle

Solid Build Quality

Premium quality aluminum frame

Stellar Design

Looks like a smartphone

Simple UI

WiseOS Essential Tools

This moment brought to you by Wisephone

Think Differently...

We believe the time for Healthy Tech is now.

Preorder Wisephone II

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