Meet Wisephone, World's Safest Smartphone for Kids

Meet Wisephone, World's Safest Smartphone for Kids

No more fighting over restrictions or discovering your child worked around the parental settings (again).

Wisephone by Techless is the world's healthiest smartphone with a minimalist, safe experience for all.

Pure and simple®

Why We’re Changing the Smartphone for Families

  • Prevalent social media addiction.

  • Kids and teens are checking out.

  • Flip phones are not a real solution for safety (or for trend-setting).

  • Filtering software and apps like Screen Time and Bark have common workarounds.

In short, parents are concerned. They want a balanced digital life for their children involving freedom, safety, and wisdom.

As one parent expressed to us, “How do we make sure our kids aren't tech illiterate, but not tech-saturated?”

Parents acknowledge the vital role of tech and smartphones in their kids’ lives. But, they’ve also seen the dark side of unfettered use.

Parenting = Wisephone Inspiration

Our founder, Chris Kaspar, was inspired to develop Wisephone when he and his wife were introduced to their new foster daughters, who were 10 and 13 at the time.

The social worker had warned them, “Don’t let these girls near anything that even looks like a phone” because “they’ve gotten themselves into serious trouble in the past.”

Knowing the girls were the right age for learning how to be a digital citizen, what were they to do? Banning all tech wasn’t the answer.

How do we make sure our kids aren’t tech illiterate, but not tech-saturated?
— Osman, tech-savvy parent

They recognized technology is part of the normal landscape for young people. They wanted to give the girls a healthy degree of freedom with their tech. Frustrated by the lack of safe and healthy options out there, Chris and Techless developed an innovative kid-safe smartphone to the needs of families.

Wisephone Features

Techless designed the Wisephone to be safe and healthy from the ground-up. Here’s a snapshot of its benefits:

  • Stay safe with user data. Techless is committed to data security, and they never share or sell customer data to third parties.

  • Stay focused with a calming and minimalist user experience that puts your digital health first.

  • Stay connected with messaging and phone tools. Reach your favorite people anytime.

  • Stay simple with a curated list of smartphone tools designed to help you regain focus, time, and energy: phone, messages, clock, calculator, weather, GPS navigation, camera, and more coming soon!

  • Stay transparent with the Techless Family Portal

    • app permissions

    • call and message history

    • location tracking

A Smartphone on a Mission

Despite the name, Techless isn’t anti-tech. They believe that technology is a gift that has much to offer the world. They also recognize that gift can turn into an addiction or obsession.

Wisephone is a choice to live fully.

To restore relationships.

To focus on what matters most.