Wisephone II

The world's smartest dumb phone.

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Summer 2024 Delivery

99.7% Customer Satisfaction

Healthy tech

Features only the useful tools you need

Built by impact-
focused people

A Beautiful, Boring Phone

Upgraded Cameras

Solid Build Quality

Simple & Focused Design

OS built with simple fonts and colors

Choose Your Tools

Google-free & Apple-free default

The Techless Guarantee

You Will Be Present

Your mind will rest better and you will experience your life - in real life.

Engage Your Community

You will experience more of your family, friends & the global world around you.

Get Life Hours Back

We give you the only thing you cannot get anywhere else - more time.

An Intentionally Boring Phone

Wisephone II comes with essential tools, easily expandable with the versatile tool drawer.


Techless Maps prioritizes private and secure navigation.

Ensures travel privacy without intrusive technology or tracking.

Provides audible directions for driving.

Features straightforward settings for ease of use.

Safe for all eyes, no explicit images are shown.