A purposeful subscription that prioritizes you.

Our unwavering commitment to your digital freedom and well-being has never been stronger. We invite you to learn how we are redefining the future of technology, one subscription at a time.


Unlocking the Future of Digital Freedom: The Techless Way

In a world dominated by tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Netflix, we at Techless have embarked on a revolutionary journey to rewrite the rules of the digital game. We understand that in the attention economy, where users are often the product, it's time for a change. It's time to put you, the user, at the center of everything we do, and that's precisely why we've chosen to pave a different path.


A Paradigm Shift: You're More Than a Product

Our mission is simple yet profound: we refuse to treat our users as commodities. We recognize the pervasive influence of advertising-driven models and the toll they take on your well-being. We stand against the idea of monetizing your attention and personal data. Instead, we're actively working to reduce your exposure to intrusive advertising and data collection. You deserve better, and we're here to deliver it.


The Power of Software Innovation

While hardware undoubtedly plays a crucial role, we believe that the real work happens in the realm of software. It's where true innovation thrives, where we can craft an experience tailored to your needs. We've carefully assessed the landscape and concluded that smartphone hardware, though important, has largely become a commodity. As such, we've made the bold decision to offer our Wisephone II at a minimal cost, ensuring accessibility for all. It's our way of saying, "Your digital well-being is our priority."


Introducing the Techless⁻ Subscription: A Game Changer

To align our revenue with our core mission, we've introduced the Techless⁻ subscription. It's not just a way to sustain our services; it's a commitment to enhancing your digital life. This subscription model allows us to continually improve our software, not just for new customers but, crucially, for our existing users. Your satisfaction and well-being are our driving forces.


A Green Revolution: Sustainable Growth

Perhaps most importantly, we're breaking free from the cycle of hardware upgrades. Unlike other tech companies, we're not here to push you into replacing your device year after year. This approach isn't just about saving you money; it's a significant step towards reducing electronic waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. We want to ensure that your device remains relevant and functional for as long as we can support it.

Wisephone II vs. Other Devices

Legacy technology means hassles, privacy issues, and health risks

Healthy boundaries: no games, social media, or browser

Up to 3 Day practical battery life

Ad Free platform-wide

Complete Data Ownership - no reporting to Big Tech

World-Class U.S.-based Customer Support

Spam Call/Text Blocking

No access to explicit/adult content

Regular Software & Security Updates

New Feature Releases

Maps that don't sell your location data

Fully functional Family Portal

Curated list of healthy and practical apps and tools

Minimal Color Palette Reduce Eye Strain

Lower EMF Exposure

Contact Importing from iCloud & Google

Wisephone II
with Techless Subscription
Other Devices

Your Techless⁻ subscription covers...


Techless prioritizes your digital well-being by establishing boundaries that protect your attention and privacy, ensuring you're never treated as a product.

Family Portal

Gain control over your family's digital experience with access to a user-friendly portal designed to manage and monitor device usage, providing a safer online environment for your loved ones.


Enjoy access to a comprehensive set of features that enhance your digital life, providing an all-encompassing and enriching experience.


Access to our dedicated support team that is committed to providing top-notch assistance whenever you need it, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


You'll benefit from advanced filtering capabilities that effectively shield your digital life from unwanted calls and contacts, cultivating a quieter and more enjoyable digital life.


We maintain the highest standards in API servicing to ensure that our software remains reliable and responsive, contributing to a smooth and efficient user experience.


Your subscription supports our team of skilled developers who continuously work to improve our software, ensuring that you benefit from ongoing enhancements and innovation.

Licensing & Server Fees

Your subscription covers the expenses associated with licensing and server fees, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted and secure access to our services without worrying about hidden costs.

The Greater Good

Just a few of the benefits of a Techless⁻ subscription


It’s time to rethink your relationship with technology.

It’s time to rethink your relationship with technology.
It’s time for Wisephone II.

It’s time for Wisephone.

Join a Growing Community of Mindful Customers.

People are discovering how to break free of tech addiction. See how you can too.

All the essentials. None of the distractions.

Switching to Wisephone II doesn’t mean disconnecting from the modern world entirely. It means staying connected responsibly.

Join 3,437 Mindful Customers & Counting

More people are discovering they can break free of tech addiction with Wisephone. See how you can too.

All the essentials. None of the distractions.

Switching to Wisephone doesn’t mean disconnecting from the modern world entirely. It means staying connected responsibly.

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