Youth Ministry Maverick - Wisephone Resource Review

Youth Ministry Maverick - Wisephone Resource Review

About the episode

Topics Covered

❤️ The heart and story behind Wisephone.
✅ Intentional parenting vs. helicopter parenting vs. bulldoze parenting.
📱 What kids and teens look for in a phone.
📱 What parents look for out of phones.

From the Podcast:

The analog world is all but in the rear-view mirror, and it means that our children and teenagers now have brains literally developing in a new way. The main results are what we see now with dependence on devices, addiction to porn, and a completely new social paradigm. Chris Kaspar, founder of Techless and creator of the Wisephone, talks with Jeff about how we help the next generation start off on the foot of discernment when it comes to phones.”

Our Reaction

Jeff did a great job letting Chris inspire and share the Wisephone story. As well, Jeff’s main concern is seeing people have whole and authentic relationships with each other and with God. We could hear this passion throughout the interview!