The World's Best Digital Parenting Articles

The World's Best Digital Parenting Articles

Even though the topic is just now hitting mainstream perception, there is an overwhelming amount of content about digital health for our kids.

I’ve read over 1,000 articles on this topic. A few have not only changed my life, they’ve also shaped the design and function of Techless’ flagship product, Wisephone™.

Here are my top four favorite articles—enjoy!

1. “A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley” by NY Times

  • The lowdown: This brilliant New York Times article unpacks the current perspectives of Silicon Valley Executives toward the devices they’ve created and how they allow (or don’t allow) their kids access.

  • Best Quote: “We thought we could control it…And this is beyond our power to control. This is going straight to the pleasure centers of the developing brain. This is beyond our capacity as regular parents to understand.”

  • Reading time: 6 minutes 

2. “I Monitor My Teen’s Electronics, and You Should Too” by Wired

  • The lowdown: This engaging Wired article dives into the ethical dilemma parents face in the digital era: Is surveillance and control over our kids’ devices ethical and beneficial in the long run? The author offers personal anecdotes and research to share some major reasons why monitoring our kids’ phones is a must.

  • Best quote: “My daughter can’t even make her bed reliably. What would she do if you dropped her into 4chan?”

  • Reading time: 5 minutes

3. “Don’t Leave Kids to Their Own Devices” by Breakpoint

  • The lowdown: This post by Breakpoint offers a curated list of research and stats to help parents make the right choices when it comes to tech in their homes.

  • Best quote: “Most importantly, none of this works without strong, positive relationships with our children. Unless we say ‘yes’ to them as people and not just “no” to their unbridled tech times, they won’t understand why we are making a decision that seems so abnormal in our culture.”

  • Reading time: 3 minutes 

4. “Manifesto” by Techless

  • The lowdown: We spent hours crafting our manifesto, unpacking our perspective on technology as a “powerful gift.” This Manifesto capture the backbone of our philosophy behind Wisephone™.

  • Best quote: “Let’s take back control, break the power of addiction, and unleash the beauty of real relationships.”

  • Reading time: 1 minute.

Live fully,

Chris Kaspar