Relationships define our reason for existence. 

On our deathbeds, our joy will be complete or non-existent, depending on how we loved and were loved. 

Technology should be a tool that deepens relationships. Instead, it is often the heartless antagonist, screaming at us to play with it. It consumes us as we gluttonously consume it at the cost of our most valuable relationships. Today's digital landscape encourages secrecy, imbalance and self-indulgence. Isolation pushes us to dark places, but natural connection, transparency and grace-based relationships enlighten us.

Technology should enhance our intentions and empower our will. Our data is exploited, notifications demand attention and flashing screens prompt dopamine highs. The most "connected" people are often the most disconnected. Our frenzied minds skip about, unable to absorb meaningful thought as digital addiction devours our focus. Techless creates digital white space, supporting and protecting users from digital addictions. This higher path may cost convenience, but the treasure gained is profoundly more valuable. 

Pornography degrades humanity and cheapens sexuality. Both consumers and creators hollow themselves with every interaction. The consequences of the pornography epidemic are only beginning to be understood as we have lost our sense of wonder and dulled our minds and spirits. Our products and services will forever be pornography-free.

Techless can never be the solution to heart-level challenges, but we will empower and encourage all toward deeper relationships and profound peace. For those that catch the vision of a deeper purpose and a flourishing life, we want to be there.

We are not anti-tech. We help people reclaim technology as the tool it should be rather than the master it has become.

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