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The Phone for
All Family Members

Wisephone is a modern, easy-to-use smartphone that respects you and your family. It helps parents and kids spend more time face-to-face while remaining connected in purposeful ways.

What You'll Love Most

We purposefully uninvited these 3 things on Wisephone...

No Social Media

No App Store

No Browser

  • Distraction-free
  • Kid-safe
  • Life-Giving

Gain Clarity

Social media and other apps are designed to grab your attention for hours on end. Adolescents, as well as adults, are unable to compete with the constant demands of digital devices always within arm's reach.

Wisephone is different. It doesn't distract. It's not begging you to watch ads or give attention to an agenda. Instead, people with Wisephone can focus on the important things in life.


Over 75% of boys in the US have come across internet pornography at least once before the age of 12. You can decrease exposure to such harmful content by offering a safe mobile device that does not have access to the world-wide-web, like Wisephone.

In addition, Wisephone safeguards against cyberbullying which over 50% of teens have experienced according to the Pew Research Center. Because there are no apps like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, you can more easily monitor your teen's online interactions. Also, through Family Portal, parents and guardians can monitor text messages and calls on Wisephone.

More Moments Together

Being together as a family is vitally important for the development of adolescents. It gives them the confidence to stand in a world that would otherwise sway or take advantage of them. It's the responsibility of parents and guardians to give each family member a sense of belonging.

Wisephone enables you to have more moments together by removing distractions and opening new lines of communication. You can make the most of these years by instilling healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Find Your
Next Adventure

Wisephone stands out from other minimal phones by offering built-in Maps, allowing for easy navigation..

Keep a Pulse

Keep a Pulse

The Techless Family Portal provides transparency to parents and honesty to spouses. Account owners can access message, call, and location history as well as control device restrictions. 

Family Portal(Beta)

Tool Restrictions

Control which tools your family members are allowed to use. Change the settings from your Family Portal or on Wisephone itself.

What Wisephone Users Say


Spoken Directions

Listen to turn-by-turn instructions that are easy to understand and Siri-lessly good.

Dynamic Rerouting

Get back on track instantaneously with automatic and reliable rerouting.