Enabling Wisephone Tools

So, you’ve turned on your new Wisephone. But you’re wondering, Where’s my Camera and Maps?

Or maybe you want to turn a tool off for your teen or for yourself.

Have no fear! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn Wisephone tools ON or OFF.

1. Tap “Settings” on your home screen

2. Tap “Parental Control”

3. Enter your “Pin”

This is the parental/security Pin you created when setting up your Techless account. If you need to reset your Pin, please sign into Family Portal.

Important for Security:

Please keep your Pin secure. As well, use a numeric password you don’t use for anything else (like your garage door entry pad or family safe). Also, we recommend not to use birthdays or common household numbers for the Pin, as younger family members will be able to override your choices.

4. Tap on “Tools”

5. Enable or Disable Tools

Once you’re on this Tools screen, you can turn any tool On or Off by tapping these words to the right of each tool.

Note: Turning off a tool on one phone will not affect the tools on other phones within your account.

In order to set permissions for each device, you can…

Manually edit permissions on each phone, or

Log into Family Portal and edit tools there (recommended to save time and phone wrangling).

Note: “Instant Camera” is a security feature made for younger Wisephone family members. It limits the Camera photo roll to one photo at a time. This feature is not recommended for adults.

6. Enjoy your suite of Wisephone tools!

Voila! Just head back to your home screen, and each enabled tool will be waiting for you to use.

All set!

Your Wisephone tools are on and customized to your liking.

If you have more than one Wisephone on your account, you can set permissions and tool settings for each phone via your Family Portal.

Questions? Still stuck?

No worries! Please reach out to customer service if there’s anything else we can do for you:

Email: hi@techless.com

Phone: (512) 676-5496 ext.1

See our Help Center for more documentation.