Data Security & Independence

  • Data is entirely stored and protected by Techless in United States data centers.

  • We do not sell or share personal data with any third-party entities.

  • Google and Apple do not have access to your personal data on Wisephone. We are not using their app stores to distribute our software, nor do we require a Google or Apple login for users.

  • Read our full Privacy Policy here.

Quality Global Design

  • We built Wisephone with minimal dependence on unethical and risky foreign suppliers. By being picky with our suppliers, we are putting you first. Each Techless product will be high-quality, reliable, and safe.

  • UX Design is based in Austin, TX. Our software engineers are based in the United States, Germany, Canada, and Pakistan. We are proud of our diverse, international team that’s working hard to bring you Wisephone.