Redefine your relationship with technology. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

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Wisephone is a pure & simple® phone that calls, texts and has a few basic tools, but no social media, ads, or access to anything addictive or distracting.

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  • Maps

  • Camera

  • Phone

  • Messaging

  • Clock

  • Family Portal*

Techless Maps can get you where you need to go. Embark on life's journeys with peace of mind that your travel plans are yours. No big tech. No tracking. Period.

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Never miss a moment or a memory. Wisephone helps you capture stunning media to share with loved ones.

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At Techless, we are all about relationships. Be present with those around you and stay connected to those far away.

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Wisephone supports SMS and MMS (multimedia) text messaging. In addition, all messages sync to the Family Portal (beta) where they stay indefinitely.

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Our clock tool comes packed with a stopwatch, timer, alarms, and world clocks.

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Wisephone is different from other phones because it allows the option for complete transparency.


The Family Portal is currently in Public Beta Mode, this means that it is still a work in progress. We believe the benefits it brings are outstanding, so access is available now. Once fully functioning, it will provide access to call history, text messages, and location information at all times — ensuring parents, caregivers, or accountability partners can stay in tune with the phone usage.


*Since the portal is still in development, we do not recommend using its features as the only means to monitor the user account at this time.

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A phone designed to cut out unnecessary distractions like social media, addictions, and advertisements — with calling, texting, and a few essential tools.

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Really happy with the first “slave” free phone.

Arno B

After one week with our Wisephones...we have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and present with our children.

Taylor Q

I just wanted to say that our recent Wisephone purchase has completely transformed our daughter's daily routine FOR THE BETTER.



  • 1. Insert SIM Card

  • 2. Set Up Wisephone

  • 3. Import Contacts

  • 4. Call a Friend