The Techless Vision

The Techless Vision

When we first held it in our hands, we could hardly believe our eyes. 

The world was suddenly smaller and brighter. Everyone was reachable and anything seemed possible. No distance was too far. No news was too late. No friendship missed a moment. No family lost touch. Unbridled delight was ours to have and to hold until...

We looked around and wondered…


Are we still in control? Have we opened a floodgate of dangerous choices and toxic content? Are we being consumed by our ravenous addictions? Are we really more free and connected than ever? Or less?

And this is when we knew. We must keep what brings us together and leave what's pulling us apart. We must find a healthy and intentional way to harness this power, because what we truly longed for, what we really need is to look up and live. We're no longer willing to settle for instant gratification at the cost of meaningful relationships. 

We're ready to take back control. Now is the time to reclaim our freedom, restore relationships and take back the life we were meant to live. Because sometimes,

less is more.