Perspectives: Hungry hearts need healthy tech

Perspectives: Hungry hearts need healthy tech

What we consume is who we become

So what is “eating clean?” How does that really affect our lives?

There’s an old saying, “What a man eats so does he think.” In other words: what we ingest, so do we become. This applies to healthy eating and living. Naturally, if I ingest only fried-foods and corn syrup, I will become unhealthy.

But what about our minds and hearts?

Let’s apply this saying to our inner-person: What we consume from media and put into our minds, so do we become. 

Put in the thoughts of rage, and you feel enraged. 

Put in the thoughts of peace, and you feel peace. 

Read about the actions of rage, and read about the actions of peace, but meditate on that peace. Ask for understanding and wisdom, and feel translated. Understood. Not manipulated into a consumer product.

This is what the Wisephone from Techless is all about. It doesn’t treat us as consumers. Instead, it’s an alternative choice for a healthy tech diet.

The translation of a modern world for the hungry heart

While cleansing our diet is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. The body carries the toxic load for the entire system.

The phone is a tool for the brain. It has the ability to convert algorithms into beta concepts and finite purchases that come to your front door in 2 days or less. 

However, much like our bodies carry a toxic load, so do our phones. Good or bad, for better or worse, the smartphone has come into our world with great impact for both the good guys and the bad.

It’s ushered new tech. It’s bogarted old ways and made space in a lane that never existed prior to 2008.

Truly the future has never been closer to our fingertips. Somehow we are so full of information and yet we lack knowledge. We have every tool available and wisdom evades us on life’s deepest questions. Our generation has a high level of “toxic behavior” patterns that we learn, seek, or feel from others.

Our culture seeks education and reform in society, yet if we are not educating and reforming our own minds every day, then who are we to step out into the world and advocate for a future that deserves more? Whether in word, or in deed in thought or in action, we have a moral obligation to move forward.

Our phones carry with them not only a carbon footprint that lives in the plastic, but also the mark on the generation that used them. And frankly we’re stuck right now. We’re parenting through those awkward teenage years plus technology. We’re working all day, trying to connect through a pandemic, plus technology. It feels harder than ever.

Sadly the advertisements, marketing, the different poisons of the mind that run rampant in “internet land” come out to play like a ruthless slot machine when activated. They do this by sleuthing your text box, filtering your auto correct, and running algorithms with intentions of selling your personal information to the highest bidder.

Apple didn’t tell you about that part? Well, technically they did, we just didn’t read the fine print.

every dollar we spend is a world we vote for
— Tovah Terranova

That’s certainly not the case with Techless. We really think they’ve hung onto something all the more meaningful and essential with their brand, the vision they have and the distance they’re planning on going to make an impact.

It’s also important for us to know that every dollar we spend is a world we vote for. Seeing this product I think it has great potential to show us who we really are and just how amazing humanity can be when we focus on something that brings us together when we’re a little more techless