Restoring Rapport Podcast: Digital Minimalism and Tech Boundaries

Restoring Rapport Podcast: Digital Minimalism and Tech Boundaries

About the episode

Topics Covered

  • Digital minimalism and well-being

  • Family life and tech boundaries

  • How big tech is influencing our everyday lives

  • How technology is a tool that “impresses” itself on us.

From Restoring Rapport:

“It is vital for us to prioritize relationship in a world of so many digital distractions. Today, I sit down with the founder of Techless and creator of the Wisephone (Chris Kaspar) to discuss the invasive tendencies and potent nature of technology within our lives and relationships. We discuss digital minimalism and highlight practical ways to keep technology within its boundaries so that our relationships can flourish.

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Our Reaction

Seth was a great host and deep person to talk with. He’s definitely considered the implications of technology in our lives and how they affect our family and faith.

His podcast is filling a needed niche: Restoring face-to-face connection. He’s not anti-tech; in fact, he leverages it for publishing, a blog, and a podcast. He sees how technology shapes lives and that it can be force for good. Our missions definitely overlap, and you’ll hear that come out in the audio.

I was truly grateful to talk with Seth on the Restoring Rapport podcast!