"Two Tables" (a poem)

"Two Tables" (a poem)

Two tables, 

Each packed with parents and kids,

each face-to-face with someone,

or some thing.


One finds delight in a portal 

to endless entertainment and pleasure.  

The other delights in laughter 

and the pleasure of one another.


Two tables. 

One passing the time, 

the other embracing time, 

squeezing each moment and drinking up every little smile.


One with glowing walls — mute faces.

The other fills the air 

with bubbling conversation

smiles and touch fill the spaces

of their hearts.


Two tables. 

Both close as family, 

but only one living as family.

About the poem….

We all struggle with choosing to smartphone or not to smartphone in front of our kids and friends.

During life’s most precious moments of connection and conversation, it’s so easy to slide into the screen slump. It’s become habit for most of us.

Inspired by a real story, “Two Tables” is meant to inspire you to live fully and to embrace people more than your phone. 

Chris Kaspar