Wisephone Setup Guide

Wisephone Setup Guide

To set up your new Wisephone, follow these simple steps:

1. Connect to the Internet

After powering on your phone, connect to a wifi network, and press continue.


2. Log In

Log in using the username and password you first used when creating your account.


3. Select a Person

Select the name of the person who will be using with this device.

Missing someone? People are added separately via the Family Portal (beta).


4. Accept Terms & Privacy Policy

Read and accept both the user Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Once you’ve read the first one, tap “Accept and Continue” at the bottom to read and accept the next.


5. Enjoy!

You’re ready to start using your Wisephone. Wasn’t that easy?


6. Enabling Maps, Camera, or other tools

Wisephone defaults to a few simple tools. Since we serve a variety of ages, we chose this approach to help parents giving a child or teen their first device.

But, don’t despair! Turning tools on or off is easy. Check out this short guide for step-by-step directions…


Need more help?

If you run into any issues setting up your Wisephone, please contact us…