Sneak Peek of the World's First "Healthy" Mobile OS

Sneak Peek of the World's First "Healthy" Mobile OS

Imagine a phone with no apps, no addictions, and no distractions

Here’s a sneak peek a one of a kind operating system for mobile phones. WiseOS is the first product for Techless, who creates healthy technology, pure and simple®.

Techless introduced WiseOS at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this last week. WiseOS will be available for pre-order and purchase from in November 2020.

Following are some key features:

  • Eliminates social media & app addiction

  • Ad-free

  • Takes device privacy to the next level

  • Porn free

  • Safe messaging

  • Minimal notifications

  • Features all standard tools including clock, alarm, weather, maps, music, etc.