What if you could give yourself the gift of time?

Get your $99 Wisephone Detox Kit today and start living life on your terms again.


What's In The Detox Kit?

Wisephone & Case

A pure and simple phone designed to help you live life more fully. We've included a form fitted case for you to protect your device.

A Good Book

Pick one of our recommended reads when ordering your Detox Kit. 

Vision Cards

Cards designed to help you come out of the detox stronger and healthier


Let’s be honest. Stickers make everything better

Do I really need a detox?

You check your phone within 10 minutes of waking up...

You aren't alone. 71% of Americans check their phone almost immediately after waking up. This behavior leads to feelings of anxiety and thoughts of I'm already behind on the day as we navigate the flood of notifications and headlines aiming for our attention. 

Detoxing with Wisephone will make your mornings feel more relaxed and start the day off right.

You check your phone within 10 minutes of waking up...

Time spent on social media sites account for over 50% of the time that users are online in the world. Apps are designed to hook you in and keep you engaged. 

With Wisephone, you don't have to worry about that as we built our platform to keep you off of it as much as possible. 

You check your phone within 10 minutes of waking up...

In 2022, the average American will spend nearly 44 days on their phone. Wisephone helps you get that time back so that you and spend time engaging with those you love.

Reset your life with the Detox Kit from Techless

Take the challenge to live more intentionally. 

At the end of your 30-day detox trial, if you decide that you love Wisephone... it’s yours! We’ll simply charge the balance and you can continue living life more fully.

Detox Kit Includes:

30-day Nearly New Wisephone Rental 

Phone Case 

Choice of book: Atomic Habits, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, or Good Pictures Bad Pictures 

30-day Vision Cards 


Free Shipping

What Wisephone Users Are Saying

After one week with our Wisephones...we have been less glued to a screen, more productive, and present with our children.

Taylor Q.


I just wanted to say that our recent Wisephone purchase has completely transformed our daughter's daily routine FOR THE BETTER.



Really happy with the first truly "slave" free phone.

Arno B.

Verified Buyer

How Does The Detox Process Work?


Order your Detox Kit and don't forget to choose the book you would like to receive!


Your Detox Kit will be picked and shipped to you via FedEx 2Day. You will also receive an email directing you to set up your Family Portal account so you are ready to get started with your Wisephone.


When you receive your Wisephone, put in a compatible sim card and start enjoying the freedom of having more hours available. Click here to see if your carrier is compatible.

We recommend paying attention to the vision cards and reflecting on how your detox is allowing you to be more present with those you love.


If you have enjoyed your experience with Wisephone during the detox and would like to keep your phone, then it is yours! Your card will be billed for the remainder of the purchase price. 

If Wisephone isn't for you, simply request a return label and ship the device in the provided return box.

What You'll Love Most About Wisephone

We purposefully uninvited these 3 things on Wisephone...

No Social Media

No App Store

No Browsers

Full Visibility

Wisephone is different from other phones because it allows the option for complete transparency through our Family Portal.

Currently in Public Beta*, Family Portal is still a work in progress but we believe the benefits it brings are outstanding. Once fully functioning, it will provide access to call history, text messages, and location information at all times — ensuring parents, caregivers, or accountability partners can stay in tune with the phone usage.

*Since the portal is still in development, we do not recommend using its features as the only means to monitor the user account at this time.

Music 🎶 - Now on Wisephone

The Wisephone Music tool is a minimalist app that can play all the music on your device and is designed without annoying ads or tracking. You are in control of the music and audio you listen to.

Learn more about Music here

Intentional Tools

Control which tools your family members are allowed to use. Change the settings from your Family Portal or on Wisephone itself.