How does the pricing work?

Wisephone’s price is $399 and can be purchased HERE today.

Does Wisephone provide a carrier?

Wisephone does not provide a carrier. Instead, we allow you to choose. We are compatible with many major US carriers. Check our compatibility page to see if yours is on the list.

What kind of plan should I get with my carrier?

You need unlimited texting, and we recommend starting with 1 GB of data.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Wisephone®?

If you use a Wisephone compatible carrier, you can keep your phone number. Just take your SIM card out of your current phone and put it in your Wisephone. If you need to switch carriers, contact your new carrier to see if you can keep your number.

Is Wisephone data free?

Wisephone will not function correctly without data, so, you do need a small amount on your phone. We recommend a minimum of 1 GB of data and adding or subtracting from there, after you are able to see how much you are using.

How much data do I need?

We recommend starting with 1 GB of data.

What uses data?

Updates, Maps, syncing to the Family Portal (beta), and sending text messages with pictures all use data. This is not an all inclusive list as many functions of the phone require small amounts of data. Wisephone will not function correctly without data.

Where do I buy cases? Do you sell them?

We have sold cases in the past on our website but may not have any in in stock right now. Wisephone will accept cases built for the Moto E 2020.

Note: If you purchased a Wisephone in May 2021 or earlier, it's possible you have a different model. To be sure, check your About screen under settings and look at the model name.

Is WiseOS available worldwide?

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, Wisephone is only available in the United States. This is due to regulations in each region. We are glad you are interested in Wisephone and hope to one day be international. In the meantime, please join our email newsletter for updates and email to add to your country to our list. Thank you so much for your interest and I am so sorry for the inconvenience.


How do I import my contacts to Wisephone?

Here’s a handy instructional video to walk you through the process.

Does Wisephone have music, podcasts, or audiobooks?

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We discovered that this Tool was very important to our customers, and we are now in the process of developing an "Audio" tool.

Does Maps provide turn-by-turn written or spoken directions?

The Maps tool includes spoken turn-by-turn and an overview of all upcoming turns. Point of interest names are displayed in search results. We plan to add phone numbers but that will come in a future release.

Is there a way to get the pictures and videos off Wisephone?

Yes, you can download your pictures and videos from the Wisephone directly onto your computer. You can follow the instructions outlined here if you have an Apple computer, and here if you have a Windows PC.

How many pictures and videos can each phone store?

We used to limit the number of photos a user could see to the 6 most recent. We recently updated the OS to allow all users to see their entire photo and video storage library. Enabling “Instant Camera”, from Restrictions, would cause users to only see the most recent image. This is to prevent young users from just scrolling through their photos all the time. This feature is off by default. When you receive your Wisephone you will have 20GB out of 32GB of storage to use.

Where are all the tools like Camera and Maps? They were not on my home screen when I turned the phone on.

Camera and Maps are automatically turned off to help parents who are giving Wisephone to a child or teen and do not want them to have access to these tools. To turn them on, go to “Settings,” click on “Restrictions” and enter the parental pin you set when you created your Family Portal (beta) Account. Click on “Tools” and set the tools you would like on your home screen to “On.” You can also do this from your Family Portal account.

Can I delete Text Messages?

Every text sent or received is stored to the Family Portal (beta) indefinitely. However, all message threads can be archived from the phone by swiping right to left on the device. In addition, parents or guardians can hide individual messages in a text thread through the Family Portal. These messages will no longer appear on the device unless unhidden on the Family Portal.

How do I access voicemail?

Reach out to your carrier and set up a pin number with them. For many carriers, you will then call your own phone number and use the pin to access your voicemail.

I don't want my child to have access to _____ tool. Is there a way to turn it or other features off?

Yes, there is a Restrictions page on your child's Wisephone in "Settings" where you will enter your pin and can set each of the features to "On" or "Off." You can also do this by logging in to the Family Portal (beta) on any internet browser.

How do I add a contact to "Favorites"?

Click on a contact and select “Add to Favorites.” It will then add a star next to the contact on your contact list.


Do You Have a Help Center for Troubleshooting?

Yes, you can browse our Help Center and if you do not see the issue that you’re experiencing then please reach out to us at

Can I buy a phone and load WiseOS on it or do I have to purchase a pre-loaded phone?

We only sell pre-loaded phones. This ensures the operating system is properly configured to the hardware.

Is there a way to give users permission to download approved apps?

No. There is no App Store access of any kind in WiseOS.

What is Wisephone's battery life like?

Ludicrous! We charge our Wisephones every 2-3 days.

How do I report bugs/issue?

As we strive to continue to improve your Wisephone experience, we value your feedback. If you experience bugs or issues, please provide a detailed explanation of your experience to

How do I access my Family Portal (beta)?

If you have purchased a Wisephone from, you will receive an email to set up a Techless Account which can be used to log in to our Family Portal at The account owner can check the account from any web browser. If you continue having issues getting in, please reach out to us. We should be able to get you in.

Can I check my Family Portal (beta) from a mobile device?

Yes, you can check your account from any mobile web browser.

Why are some of the Family Portal features not working for me?

The Family Portal is currently in Public Beta Mode, this means that it is still a work in progress. We believe the benefits it brings are outstanding, so access is available now. Once fully functioning, it will provide access to call history, text messages, and location information at all times — ensuring parents, caregivers, or accountability partners can stay in tune with the phone usage.

*Since the portal is still in development, we do not recommend using its features as the only mean to monitor the user account at this time.

Why am I not getting texts from people who have iPhones?

If you previously had an iPhone, make sure you turn off Facetime and iMessage both on the old iPhone and on the website. This video will walk you through both methods. If this does not help, I suggest reaching out to Apple to make sure your iMessage and Facetime are off. There may be something they can do on their end. If that still doesn't help, try reaching out to your carrier.

I have an iPhone. How do I turn off Facetime and iMessage?

Follow the steps on this handy instructional video. If you are still not receiving messages from iPhone users, reach out to Apple Customer Service to ensure everything is turned off on their end.

I am having an issue that was not answered here. What do I do?

I am so sorry you are having this issue! That must be so frustrating. Email with the following information:

A step-by-step explanation of what you were doing when the issue happened. "I was on the home screen, tapped ____, and then clicked ____. Then, it did _____..."

The name of your carrier

How much data you have on your plan

Whether or not you have unlimited texting

The more details we have up front the easier it will be for us to debug and solve the problem.


Why can’t I just lock down an iPhone?

You may be able to, however this “solution” is incremental, temporary, and likely defeatable. Wisephone is purpose-built to be unbeatable by all but the hackiest of hackers and helps people honor their commitments to use healthy technology. For more on the iPhone’s safety shortcomings, check out this featured article.

Can I leave WiseOS to do other activities on the device?

No, you cannot leave WiseOS to do other things on the device. WiseOS intentionally ensures a pure & simple® experience.

Can I do [fill in the blank] on my Wisephone?

The tools you see on the phone are what you are able to use. While [tool idea] may be a future feature, it will be taken into consideration for future development if it aligns with our healthy technology standard. To see if there are any available tools you are not using, go to "Settings," "Restrictions," enter your Pin, tap "Tools" and toggle on the tools you want to use.

Do the people in my Family Portal (beta) have be related to me?

No, but the owner of the account has full access to everyone’s usage. If you trust each other enough to read each other’s messages then you’re family in our book.

Is Techless an anti-tech organization?

Absolutely not! In fact, the very first sentence of our manifesto states, "We believe technology is a gift - an incredibly powerful one." Our goal is to help you intentionally and safely use your phone as a tool, instead of letting your phone use you.

I’m excited about the Techless vision! How can I support you or get involved?

Great question! Here are some ways you can get involved…

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